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Backup Tape Discovery

Discover Tape offers backup tape discovery services for all tape types and software backup formats. All of our tape services work is done at your facility or ours and include the following options, which are listed by price from least to greatest:

Header Scan-
identifies backup software, backup dates, and tape order.
Useful when trying to identify tapes within date ranges or by the backup software used.
Session Scan -
Header Scan info plus a list of all computers backed up to that tape.
Useful when you trying to identify tapes which tapes contain data from particular servers.
Catalogs -
Session Scan info, plus file metadata, including name, date, size, path, dates, etc..
Useful when trying to identify files or folders, or isolate files by size or date.
Restoration -
Catalog info, plus access to the files and file content.
Useful when you trying to locate particular files or gain access to file content.

Email Extraction/Conversion

We offer email extraction/restoration and conversion processing services from any backup format or email system such as Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes, iPlanet, and much more. After extracting the emails, we can provide additional culling and deduplication services such as targeted custodians and/or timeframes, providing you with targeted and reduced data volumes for ingestion into all legal review tools.

Backup Tape Remediation

Tape Remediation is fairly new terminology, but it is not a new concept. Companies generally hold backup tapes beyond the defined data rentention period because they either do not know the age/dates of the backup tapes or the content of the tapes. Holding these backup tapes opens up organizations to increased legal exposure in addition to increased storage costs. Tape remediation allows you to determine the relevant files on backup tapes, restore only those files needed, and recycle or destroy the backups tapes no longer needed.

Discover Tape offers services to scan legacy backup tapes to determine backup dates, servers (such as an Exchange mail server), and files. We can then restore the relevant files, servers, or tapes, and either destroy or recycle the backup tapes.

Backup Consolidation & Media Migration

Discover Tape can help you consolidate your existing tape backups as you migrate from older technologies. We offer services to deduplicate redundant data in addition to stacking multiple backup tapes onto to one higher capacity tape enabling you to reduce storage costs in addition to your data backup footprint.

Backup Tape Recovery

We offer both physical and logical tape data recovery services. Physical damage is actual damage to the tape such as cracks, twisted tape, or exposure to elements such as water. Logical damage is usually required when a tape has not been exposed to physical damage and it was backed up successfully, but you are unable to read/restore the entire tape or portions of the tape.

Media & Data Destruction

The destruction of corporate data has arguably become as important, or even more important than backing up and archiving. Corporate data is subject to increasing tough regulations, and the risk of massive financial loss due to data getting in the wrong hands has become a major cause of concern. Corporations need to keep data for business continuity and regulatory reasons, but need to delete data that does not serve these requirements to reduce the risk of more expensive discovery costs if sued, and also to reduce the cost of data storage.

Discover Tape offers a full spectrum of solutions for both data destruction and media destruction, summarized as follows:

  1. HDD (Hard Disk Drive) shredding on an individual basis or in bulk. We offer video evidence of destruction. Shredded material is recycled.
  2. Backup tape shredding on an individual basis or in bulk. Also available with video evidence and providing full chain of custody for the media shredded.

Call Recording System Discovery

Discover Tape offers a broad range of digitization services from audio and video type formats. We handle a wide range of different input media types so it is unlikely that you have a format we cannot handle. See below for a list of the formats we can handle.

Audio Video
8 Track VHS formats
Audio Cassette (C30,60,90,120 min) Hi8 Cassette
Open Reel Mini DV tape
Mini Cassette Betamax/Betacam
Micro Cassette 1/2'” Sony-Matic Reel Video
DAT (Digital Audio Tape) 1” C Reel Video
LP Records Sony Micro MV Tape

We can digitize audio to the standard formats used today such as Audio CD, .Wav file, .MP3 format and others. In addition we can index the output for addressing and search capability which can be very useful for sifting through audio records for legal reasons. We can typically convert video format to Video DVD, MPEG 4 formats and others. If you do not see your desired input format or output format we can probably still perform the conversion so please ask by contacting us and explaining what you have and what you want.

Our pricing is very competitive but there are so many variables in terms of input format, output format and timeline we prefer to hear what you want performed and provide a custom quotation.

Onsite Services

If you have data that cannot go offsite, we can also perform these services at your location. Discover Tape offers onsite services for as few as a handful of tapes up to thousands of backup tapes.

Contact us today to learn more.